Synergy Systems & Solutions

Welcome to the Home of SIRIUS & HUSKY, Synergy Systems & Solutions' offering for industrial automation and process control requirements.

SIRIUS is integrated process control management software used for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) or HMI requirements. Developed for the WindowsTM platform, SIRIUS is a generic set of tools and applications that can be customized to suit the requirements of any process requirement.

HUSKY Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) supplement SIRIUS by interfacing with the field devices/equipments, providing remote telemetry functions. HUSKY not only provides traditional remote telemetry functions, but also provides many other functions commonly found in today’s HMIs. HUSKY can be used as a data concentrator, station gateway, protocol converter, and also as a PLC.

SIRIUS and HUSKY are offered as off-the-shelf products for use by third-party contractors. We also undertake turnkey execution of projects providing complete automation solutions in new and existing projects, including retrofit works. SIRIUS and HUSKY have a wide installation based in India covering different industry segments like Power T&D, Oil & Gas, and Railways.