Built-in Functions

 Application Logics

Application logics provide a convenient way to customize the SCADA application as per a project’s needs. In SIRIUS, application logics are written in the IDE using the SIRIUS Programming Language. Apart from standard functions, SPL provides objects to directly access the SCADA database for retrieval or updating of real-time process tags. A pre-built function library to carry out commonly used calculations /logic sequences is also provided.

Features :

  • Simple interface with click and drag & drop facility.
  • Unlike script editors, complete SCADA database available via user friendly interface for performing operations, eliminating the need for remembering tag names.
  • Inbuilt function library.
  • Function help available in the editor.
  • Facility to execute commands from the logic.
  • Facility to generate alarm/events from the logic.
  • Logics of type Interlock provides facility to verify the correctness of the command before it is sent to the field. This provides engineers with option to display proper diagnostic messages to operators.
  • Cyclic logics can be used with a frequency of 1 sec for updating running hours of equipment, monitoring of events to trigger another logic etc.
  • Events based logics can be used for triggering custom logs or other process specific logic.
  • Powerful editor and compiler that verifies the logic and the objects used for correctness.
  • Facility to create custom library of functions for later uses in different logics.

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