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Integrated Development Environment (IDE), an integral part of SIRIUS software suite, is used for engineering the SCADA database as well as to configure various components of SIRIUS. It provides users with a single point application for configuring I/O, graphics, application logics, logging, trends, reports, redundancy modules and communication protocols. IDE eliminates the need of running separate applications and individual configuration of machines. Users can configure various SCADA machines (like MMIs, Servers, and Front Ends) from their engineering machine itself.

  • Allows working on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Integrated help system.
  • Configure all project machines from single location.
  • Device wizard for quickly configuring servers, front-ends, communication protocols and devices.
  • Provision for configuring announcement of alarms with the same or different alarm text.
  • Each I/O object can be assigned a security group for access control.
  • Select-Before-Execute option per command (both digital and analog)
  • Versatile history configuration with option for cyclic logging, Exception logging (start / stop at the occurrence of an event) or both.
  • Support for Custom Logs for supporting virtually any kind of logging requirements.
  • Integrated graphics editor built using OpenGL for placing dynamic data in graphics. No need of scripts.
  • User friendly objects like buttons available for direct use in providing user interface for issuing commands (start/stop pump, open/close breaker etc.) or other purposes (graphics navigation, alarm acknowledgement, user login, reports etc.). These objects do not require any script or program to function.
  • Dynamic data can be displayed using meters, bar graphs, numeric forms, complex symbols (like valves, pumps, computers, breakers), simple text (ON, OFF, OPEN, CLOSE, RUNNING, STOPPED).
  • Expandable symbol and text library to suit any process industry.
  • Support for video (.avi) and animated GIF files.
  • Trends are configured in the same package with support for up-to eight pens per trend.
  • Features like ’Conditional Presentation’ allow you to conditionally display your objects without having to write a single line of script.
  • Configure alarms/events to be sent via E-mail / SMS to respective users.
  • Create powerful process applications with the built in logic editor.
  • Easy backup and restore.

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