ERP Integration

ITAS can be easily integrated with customer's ERP/inventory system for TT registration. A separate terminal called TTES is used for TT registration. Registration details of TT are received either from the customer's ERP system or via ITAS' TT Manual Registration facility. ITAS maintains an internal database of customers and TTs. When integrated with ERP system, the internal database of ITAS is automatically updated with new TTs and customers. If the ERP system goes out of order, TTs can be registered manually using the ITAS' internal database.

ITAS also supports re-conciliation of data with the ERP system. Once a TT is completely filled, filling details like compartment wise product quantity, product name, product code, customer name, temperature, density etc. are sent to the ERP system automatically. If the ERP system is down, the same can be sent later manually or automatically by the system.

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