IEC 60870-2

PLC Functions



HUSKY RTU 6049-E70 is the latest model in the HUSKY series of RTUs. Evolved from its predecessors this version provides many additional functions than just telemetry. Like SIRIUS, HUSKY RTUs are easily adaptable to different process applications, like, Power T&D, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, etc.

In the modern world, energy transportation is a serious and cost-sensitive business. Companies involved in this business are therefore increasingly aiming towards reducing costs. HUSKY provides the ideal solution for migrating traditional energy hubs into a modern smart-grid network capable of efficiently and cost-effectively monitor and control transfer of energy. With support for industry standard and proprietary protocols and networks, HUSKY offers solutions for modernization of plants without invalidating the existing infrastructure.

RTU 6049-E70 is offered in three different variants for different I/O requirements :

  • 19"subrack, 4U-high RTU with 16 I/O slots and expansion capability
  • Half-width subrack RTU with 5 I/O slots
  • Wall-mount RTU with 2 I/O slots

RTU 6049-E70 is a versatile, intelligent controller, designed with an expandable architecture that enables it to be used in applications with no I/O to mid-sized applications. Different I/O modules are offered in varying I/O densities for interfacing with the commonly used plant signal interfaces.

The processor module (CPU) of the RTU is based on a powerful yet power-efficient processor that handles multiple communication functions with ease while performing data acquisition, control and logic execution. To enable connectivity with the outside world, multiple serial and Ethernet interfaces are built in the CPU module itself.

For critical applications, the RTU offers redundancy for both hardware and software functions, ensuring high system availability. HUSKY also allows remote manageability of itself and devices connected under it, enabling users to perform remote maintenance and troubleshooting.

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