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 Husky Studio

HUSKY Studio is the unified RTU configuration, programming and diagnostics software. HUSKY Studio is a Windows-based application providing all RTU engineering and programming tasks under one application. HUSKY Studio is a powerful configuration editor designed for Data Concentrators where large amount of data is transferred across protocols using IO maps. Features like variable naming, filtering allow configuration engineer to map the data across protocols by referring to user friendly names.

HUSKY Studio also features IEC61850 Substation Configuration Language (SCL) and can import SCL files (.CID, .ICD, .SCD) and create the IEC61850 database maps automatically. This helps in rapid and less error-prone system deployment.

For assistance during system commissioning, features like the following are available :

  • Event Viewer to view different events, with millisecond timestamp.
  • Commands can be issued directly from the variables view. The commands can either be hardwired or on a remote device connected to Husky. Select-Before-Execute commands can also be executed from the Husky Studio.

Apart from configuration of local and extension racks, I/O modules and protocols, it integrates a powerful IEC 61131-3 ladder logic editor and simulator. Engineers can now write ladder logics and even test them without the RTU. With its powerful offline logic simulator, it allows engineers to run through the logic in offline mode. Values of different variables can be simulated in the simulator for exact real-time execution.

  • I/O module configuration including parameters like SoE, chattering, filtering, dead-band etc.
  • Protocol configuration along with variable mapping.
  • IEC61850 objects configuration and Object browser.
  • Time synchronization.
  • Upload / Download of RTU configuration.
  • Real time monitoring of comm. status with subordinate devices.
  • Fault Table View.
  • Real-time monitoring of I/O variables with quality.
  • Integrated Events viewer with millisecond resolution.
  • Offline Logic Simulator for testing of logics without RTU.
  • Online Logic Debugger.
  • Import/Export of I/O configuration from MS Excel.

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