ITAS provides various reports for efficiently running and management of a terminal. The reports can be generated at day end, month end, half yearly or yearly. Some of the reports generated by ITAS are:

  • Truck Filling Report
  • Customer wise Filling Report
  • Bay wise Filling Report
  • Bay Usage Report
  • Product wise Filling Report
  • Cancelled TT Report
  • Manual Adjustment Report
  • Daily Sales
  • Monthly Sales
  • Re-Conciliation Report (Using meter total from batch controllers and delivered quantity through ITAS)
  • Tank Re-Conciliation Report
  • Tank Receipt Report
  • Tank Delivery Report
  • Tank Loss/Gain Report
  • Pump Running Hours
  • RTKM (Route KM) Report
  • Lock Issued Report
  • Exception Report
  • Events Report
  • False Filling Report
  • Operator Actions Report

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