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SIRIUS’ Man Machine Interface, referred as MMI, presents the operations of a process from machine floor to right in the control room by presenting the real time information in a simple and user friendly manner. MMI makes it easy, efficient and enjoyable for the operator to control and monitor the process. Built using OpenGL, the rich graphics of MMI combined with the ease of operations via functional keyboard and mouse, takes the user experience of process control and monitoring to a new level. The salient features of MMI are listed below.

  • Built using OpenGL for a rich graphics experience.
  • Full support for functional keyboards.
  • Multi video support.
  • Latest alarm display at the bottom.
  • Open up-to eight graphics simultaneously (great for multi-monitor applications).
  • Integrated trend and report viewer.
  • Multi-point alarm acknowledgement (acknowledge alarms on multiple points in a single click).
  • Prioritized alarm and event list.
  • Simple and user friendly command dialog boxes for quick execution.
  • Optional command confirmation messages for sensitive operations.
  • Configurable alarm and event records count.
  • Standard facility of zoom, tile and fit to screen.
  • Standard facilities like user defined triggers for easy navigation, operator notes and system notebook.
  • Full screen and normal modes.
  • Standard displays like alarm list, event list, status list, SoE list and object information.
  • All standard displays can be modified while system engineering.
  • Alarm and event filtering based on priority, area and (or) reason.
  • Option to block point value and or alarm events.
  • Status Check on devices.
  • Single click option to disable all devices on a line.
  • Option for blocking command on a device (circuit breaker, valve, pump etc.)
  • Real time and historical trends.
  • View process displays in history by using the unique history mode. All the process values will be displayed in the process display from the selected time.

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