Cross-Country Pipelines are used to transport crude oil, refined products and gas. SIRIUS SCADA system is installed for monitoring and control of pipeline & brings into its scope Pump Stations, Block Valve Stations, Tap-off-points and Terminal stations set up along the pipeline. SIRIUS SCADA system along with Husky RTUs are installed at each pump station, tap-of-point and terminal station for local monitoring and control of equipment. SCADA system installed at a central location called Master Control Station (MCS) remotely controls various equipment for each station so as to control the flow of oil/gas to terminal locations, as required to meet the daily delivery targets. MCS acquires hydraulic data (Pressure & Flow) and the physical data (Product Densities, Temperatures etc)available from various stations along the pipeline. This data is utilized by SSS’s Pipeline Management System for a variety of applications, e.g., Leak detection and location, pig tracking, batch tracking, pipeline simulation etc.

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Oil companies distribute their refined products to retail outlets and bulk consumers from oil terminals. Such terminals are automated for business and loading operations. SSS’s ITAS is a Terminal Automation System with SIRIUS at its core for oil/gas truck and wagon loading, tank farm management, product dispensing control, product custody transfer monitoring and control. It is also integrated with customer’s ERP based product ordering and invoicing system.

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  Retail Outlets

SSS’s Retail Outlet Automation solution consists of Intelligent MPD electronics having capability of vehicle identification, integration with back-end computer system, payment by smart card/credit card enabling its use in self service mode. Tank level measurement system helps in online tracking of product inventory, calculation of water content & pilferage control. Using a back-end computer also forecasts demand for various products based on which their orders and placed with company’s regional office through a communication link.

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