The Pipeline Management System (PLMS), developed by Synergy Systems & Solutions merges volume balance techniques, which have been employed for decades in pipeline gain/loss calculations, and the real time transient modelling. This combination offers the pipeline operator an ideal tool that is both easy to understand and capable of accurately modelling and tracking the transients in the pipeline. The leak detection system uses techniques that utilize the known sources of input error, such as instrumentation specifications, to assure the proper tuning of the pipeline system. Leak detection system also has the flexibility to handle the loss of many sensor measurements, and can also efficiently handle the change in states of the equipments like the pump stations, valves etc. at the runtime.

PLMS provides the operator with a computer modelled profile of the whole pipeline network that helps in tracking the flow of the batches, scrapers along the pipeline. It also provides the operator with alarms in case of leaks, along with the location of the leak and its size.

PLMS can also be used as simulation tool for carrying out experiments on a virtual pipeline network, which can be used for analysis of better utilization of the pipeline.

PLMS provides the following features :

Configuration Editor
Pipeline Parameter Tuning
Pipeline Hydraulic Profile Generation for the whole network
Handles multiple pipeline networks
Flexibility of boundary conditions.
Flexibility of boundary conditions.
Steady State Calculations
Transient State Calculations
Mass Balance Leak Detection
Pressure/Flow Deviation Leak Detection
Leak Size
Leak Location
Leak Initiation Time
Threshold Calculations
Batch Tracking
Expected Time Of Arrival (ETA) Of Batch
Batch Queuing At Delivery
Over/Under Pressure Protection
Interface With Any SCADA Server via OPC
Interface With SIRIUS

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