Generation-Hydro Power

SIRIUS SCADA system enables the operator to monitor and control a hydro-power plant by integrating with Governor controllers, protection equipment, energy meters, temperature scanners etc. Generating Units are auto-started through a sequence which completes with auto-synchronization of the unit with the grid. A comprehensive protection system ensures the safety of Generators, Transformers and Lines. A tripping in the plant is reported in SCADA system for immediate action and analysis. Events resulting from a tripping, known as Sequence of events (SOE), are time stamped of millisecond resolution for ensuring correct chronology which is essential for trip analysis. SCADA system keeps track of total energy imported/exported to the grid. Reports on total power production, plant’s electrical/mechanical parameters, CB trips, line trips are generated.

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 Transmission & Distribution

SIRIUS can monitor and control power transmission lines, including EHV, HVAC, HVDC systems. Sequence of events recording, monitoring of analog parameters, generation of log sheets, etc. can be performed. Further, different makes/models of SERs, Disturbance recorders can be integrated into SIRIUS for a single point of monitoring/control access. SIRIUS can also act as a slave /master (Inter-Center Communication) for exchange of substation parameters in a hierarchical topology. With support for both proprietary and standard protocols (IEC 870-5, IEC 61850) SIRIUS can be employed in both old and modern substations.

Power distribution substation consist of a number of incoming and outgoing feeders, transformers for stepping up/down the voltage levels, equipment for reactive power control, circuit breakers and isolators etc. SIRIUS based Substation SCADA system performs the following functions:

Status monitoring of all incoming and outgoing feeder CBs Monitoring of all electrical parameters and declaration of alarms Control operations Keeping track of energy import/exports Sequence of Events (SOE) for trip analysis. Time stamping at 1 ms resolution Interface to protection system Comprehensive sets of reports including daily log sheets, voltage profile, CB trip time, Line trip report, disturbance report etc. Husky RTU has been approved by Northern Region Power Committee for deployment in the Grid Substations.

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