An Integrated Process management and Control System which evolved out of years of experience, research and hard work. It has been designed to cater to automation needs of a variety of process industries. Its modular design makes it possible to specialize its 'core' functionality to provide a solution for a particular process.

The HUSKYTM series of Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) is our latest offering providing data acquisition and control capabilities for various industry segments. The RTUs are based on a flexible and expandable design with support for various industry standard inputs and outputs and for standard, proprietary communication protocols.

A terminal automation software with SIRIUS at its core for oil/gas truck and wagon loading, tank farm management, product dispensing control, product custody transfer monitoring and control. It can also be integrated with product ordering and invoicing system.

Pipeline Management System for leak detection, location and batch tracking for cross country liquid pipelines. It is based on transient model-based simulation techniques requiring knowledge of pipeline hydrualics and advanced mathematics.

Synergy Systems & Solutions’ offers custom design and development of embedded systems for use in industrial applications.