MS SQL Server

Crystal Reports

MS Excel


SIRIUS has a dedicated Historical Data Server (HDS) module that can be setup for archiving of real-time process data. HDS’ database is based on MS SQL Server and supports redundancy function.

Data logging can be configured based on multiple criteria like cyclic/periodic, event-triggered, custom logic triggered, or a combination of the above. Logging can be performed either of individual tags (called point logging) or for a set of tags combined together (called group logging). Custom logs can also be created with a user-defined structure and logging criteria.

The standard logging function provides option to log quality flags (topical, blocked, manual, etc.) as well as statistical values of the process tags. For example, minimum, maximum, average, standard deviation, etc.

Based on the real-time or historical database, reports can be created using Crystal Reports, MS Excel, or any other third-party reporting engine. A Crystal Reports viewer is integrated in the MMI module.

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