Secure Wireless Gateway

In industrial process control applications, there is a frequent requirement to observe and control industrial processes which are remotely located. These remote sites can be placed several tens or even hundreds of kilometres away from the main SCADA center(s). The proliferation of public wireless networks into remote areas with data capability approaching several millions of bits per second is providing a viable alternative to connect RTUs and SCADA systems a typical application of Machine-2-Machine (M2M) systems.

For M2M communications in industrial applications where wireless media (GSM/GPRS, 3G, CDMA) is used we offer a secure wireless gateway (SWG) device that enables connectivity between control centres and remote sites over the Internet.

SWG provides a secure, encrypted communication channel between the control centre and sites. This includes automatic connection management and data-rate negotiation with the public wireless networks with a well-defined fault-tolerance. The data is routed over public wireless networks, configurable over either GSM or CDMA types of networks, as per a particular end user"s requirement. The gateway is designed to provide a configurable option to connect using high-speed 2G/3G/3.5G protocols or in case data network is not available, using dial-up data call (CSD).

For connectivity with the local devices at site, the SWG provides either a serial port, or a 10/100Mbps Ethernet port.

As an option, a GPS receiver can be added to the SWG, for providing time-synchronization and location-tracking functions.

At the control centre, service centre application software is provided that runs on a WindowsTM PC. This application provides connection management with and data routing functions between SCADA PCs and SWGs.

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