SIRIUS is the in-house developed SCADA/HMI solution applicable to different industry applications. Based on Microsoft Windows platform, SIRIUS real-time process monitoring and control functions. It also provides data logging functions for trending, reporting, and data mining requirements.

SIRIUS’ core is designed in a modular architecture to support addition of application-specific requirements. Further the architecture is flexible enough to allow easy scalability of the SCADA system architecture from a single machine performing all functions to multiple machines with dedicated communication front-ends, Man-Machine Interfaces (MMI), etc.

SIRIUS also supports fault tolerant systems by providing redundancy options, which are available at every level. SIRIUS has been put to use in many critical applications in industry segments like Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Power T&D, Railway Traction Power Monitoring and Control.

SIRIUS’ communication protocol library has evolved over the years and now supports a wide-variety of industry standard protocols (IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, DNP 3.0, Modbus, IEC 61850) and legacy/proprietary protocols of PLCs, IEDs, etc.

SIRIUS’ Integrated Development Environment an easy configuration tool makes it possible to convert an abstract automation idea to a fully engineered solution.

The Man Machine Interface provides the operator with a user friendly and easy to navigate graphic tool, using which the operator can monitor and control the process.

SIRIUS also supports a high level programming language for developing custom logic sequences, interlocking functions, calculations, etc.

For business reporting and data logging needs, SIRIUS provides an MS SQL Server based Historical Data Server (HDS). Process and control system information reports can be developed through Crystal reports or Microsoft Excel.

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