Truck Terminal Automation

TAS provides complete automation of Truck Terminals. The TTs are registered into TTES (Tank Truck Entry System) via customer's ERP / Inventory system or using ITAS' dedicated TTES terminal. Once the TTs are registered into the system, ITAS takes over the complete loading operations from TT entry into gantry to exit from terminal. Some of the salient features of Truck Terminal Automation module are listed below:

For assistance during system commissioning, features like the following are available :

  • Multiple schedules
  • Multiple registration terminals
  • Automatic Bay Allocation to newly registered TTs
  • Configurable no. of TTs per bay
  • Manual Bay Re-Allocation facility
  • Generation of FAN
  • Integration with Card Readers at Entry gate, Bay and Exit gate
  • Integration with Boom Barriers for secure entry and exit from gantry
  • Integration with Batch Controllers at Bay for delivery of product
  • Supports Manual Top-up of quantity
  • Supports Bay Re-allocation of partially filled TTs in case bay goes out of order
  • Multiple products per TT
  • Simple and blended products
  • Monitoring of safety inputs (Earthing, Arm in Position)
  • Sealing of TTs via Bay Officer card
  • Bypassing of loading sequence via Bay Officer terminal and card
  • Generation of BOL on request
  • Real time display of gantry filling

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